Saturday, February 25, 2012

a prayer for the world, from Psalm 96

Holy God, in this world, it does not always make sense to proclaim the good news that You save. How can the people of Syria recognize the glory and strength of the Lord through the noise of gunfire and shelling? How can the hundreds of millions of hungry people around the globe hear of your glorious deeds over the roaring of their empty stomachs?

Father, Remind us of the scope of your redemption. Remind us that you are the Lord who reigns, who is coming to judge the world with justice and the nations with truth. Holy Spirit, make us into a people who take this good news to all the families of the earth by our words and our actions.

Remind us, Father, that, because of your victory in Jesus, we can sing a new song in the midst of this world. Fill us with that hope. May we be like the seas that roar, despite the pollutants poured into them; the trees that rustle with praise to you, in the face of massive deforestation; and the animals that dance before you, though their ecosystems are wrecked, sometimes beyond recovery. Holy Spirit, make us into a people who rejoice and are glad with all creation before the Lord who comes to set everything right on earth, to consummate the Kingdom inaugurated in Jesus Christ. Make us into a people who join in that work throughout the earth now—for in this Lord, our work is surely not in vain.


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