Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rachel Held Evans on the disaster in Haiti

Rachel Held Evans is asking what Christians should have been doing for Haiti.
Last month, last year, whenever. (If you are not sure what's going on in Haiti, here is CNN's latest report on the recent earthquake.)

Perhaps some will plead ignorance in the face of her questions--you may not have known much about the Haitian 'standard of living' (if that term is not too grand) or even been aware of the little island nation. I for one can make no such plea; World Vision has made sure that I'm familiar with such places and such needs.

Check out Rachel's post, and take her questions seriously. Haiti is not the only scene of such poverty, and Haiti, along with the others, is not going anywhere. These issues will be important for Christians long after this earthquake is forgotten.

Also, here's an old post of mine dealing with the Christian response to poverty.


Rachel H. Evans said...

Thanks so much for including a link to my post about Haiti. I'm so glad that Google Alerts told me about you, cause I LOVE the blog! I'll definitely be back.

Your post on poverty really hit the nail on the head - "They did this because they understood the nature of the Church. It is a community of 'not-my-owns' who are branches of the True Vine and live to bear fruit."

Well said.

Anonymous said...
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Nance said...

So long as you keep putting out good posts like that, it's my pleasure to give you free press. I just hope it didn't weird you out that I'm calling you 'Rachel' even though we've never communicated in any form in our lives.
Thanks for stopping in, though, and thanks for the kind words.