Monday, September 21, 2009

The C. S. Lewis Bible

UPDATE: Dr. Edwards chimed in briefly in the comments; the publication date for this Bible is set for November of 2010.

The C.S. Lewis Bible will offer C.S. Lewis as a companion to a reader’s daily meditation of scripture. As people read the Bible, they will also gain insight from his writings and spiritual journey as they invite Lewis into their spiritual discipline. This Bible will honor his material by showcasing his life-giving writings and classic works that define and explain key issues in the life of faith. This Bible will be more meditational than devotional, and would stay pure to his editorial voice to honor the material of this beloved writer and thinker.

Now... as a rule of thumb, I hate 'gimmick Bibles.' The Sailor's Bible, The Hunter's Bible, The Complete Personalized Promise Bible for Women, The Apologetics Study Bible, etc.

That being said: I... must... have... this Bible.

The Lewis Bible is going to be the NRSV. It first came to my attention when mentioned by Dr. Bruce L. Edwards (who is serving on the editorial team of Lewis scholars collaborating on the Bible ) on his blog.

It hasn't shown up on Amazon (or even Harper Collins's website, at this point), but I'll try to have more details as they've available.


Bruce in Alaska said...
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Bruce in Alaska said...


Publication date is Nov., 2010.



Nance said...

Thanks for the update, Dr. Edwards!