Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jesus in the work of Josephus

When it comes to the history of 1st Century Judaism, one of the most important sources available to researchers is Josephus, a Jewish historian writing in the second half of that century. The writings of Josephus notoriously contain a passage referring to Jesus--a passage which sounds a bit fishy and is commonly said to be 'corrupt', that is, it has been tampered with, edited, by Christian scribes of later centuries. This is an important topic because the mention in Josephus represents one of the earliest extra-Biblical references to the life of Jesus anywhere. For people interested in the historical life of Christ--proponents or nay-sayers--Josephus has to be taken into consideration.

All that to say: here's a good, short video on the topic. This should be a painless introduction for those of you who are interested, but totally unfamiliar with the issue. Check it out!

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Rev. Daniel McLain Hixon said...

that WAS a good video.