Friday, December 01, 2006

Global AIDS Day

December 1st is Global AIDS Day, and the (RED) campaign is in full motion.
(RED), the brainchild of U2 lead Bono, is a campaign to raise money to help the fight against AIDS, be it through AIDS education, supplying for needs of AIDS orphans, or paying for HIV testing or early treatment. Partners in this campaign include some familiar names: American Express, GAP, Motorolla, and Apple amongst them, all of whom are offering means for us(the consumer) to help raise money for the project. features much more information on the campaign, the partners, and, most importantly, how we can be involved in this campaign in the battle against the growing epidemic.
Check out (RED) for more details, and, again, as it is Global AIDS Day, try to remember this atrocity, and to remember that it will take all of our efforts to see the change desperately needed.


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