Wednesday, August 09, 2006

George MacDonald

I've just started reading C. S. Lewis's George MacDonald, which is basically just an anthology of MacDonald's writings(snippets of it at least); Lewis had always readily admitted to MacDonald being the greatest literary influence in his life. With that in mind, reading the man seemed pretty exciting. Well, now that I'm in it, I thought I'd share one of the 'snippets' that I've really like.
Nothing is inexorable but love. Love which will yield to prayer is imperfect and poor. Nor is it then the love that yields, but its alloy. . . . For love loves unto purity. Love has ever in view the absolute loveliness of that which it beholds. Where loveliness is incomplete, and love cannot love its fill of loving, it spends itself to make more lovely, that it may love more; it strives for perfection, even that itself may be perfected--not in itself, but in the object. . . . Therefore all that is not beautiful in the beloved, all that comes between and is not of love's kind, must be destroyed. And our God is a consuming fire.

Good stuff.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Writings of Archimedes discovered

I post this for two reasons:
1) Archimedes is an important historical figure, and plenty of folks probably aren't even aware of who he is.
2) I thought end of the first paragraph was pretty funny. Lousy Christians screwing with world history again! I'm surprised we haven't received more heat for this one over the years.