Friday, May 26, 2006

DaVinci what? and the release of X3

Well as everyone probably knows, The DaVinci Code hit theaters last weekend, but to surprisingly weak reviews. The thriller based on Dan Brown's mega-hit, best-selling novel has been complained of as to slow, and it certainly isn't the best script Tom Hanks has ever had to work with. The score by Hans Zimmer is incredible, and overall the film is alright, but certainly not what everyone expected from the 40 million + copies sold novel.
Talks are nonetheless already underway for the adaptation of Angels and Demons, a prequel to The DaVinci Code, to the big screen.
DaVinci also seems to be passing by rather quietly on the controversy front as well. Any viewers who have read the novel will note several distinct changes in the film from Brown's original vision, be it in the 'historic' details, the actual film's plot, or just in the characters themselves. Robert Langdon(Tom Hanks) is a fine example of the latter, as the professor transforms from a silent supporter of Teabing's anti-Christian and anti-church theories in the novel to an outspoken critic of his facts and his ideas in the film. An interesting change, and one can't help but wonder what motivation the film-makers had for it.

Hollywood's latest blockbuster offering however is receiving a warmer reception from critics: X-Men: The Last Stand(a.k.a. X-Men 3). Christianity Today's review can be found here. It's a great addition to the now X-Men trilogy, and will certainly dominate the box office this weekend despite The DaVinci Code.


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