Tuesday, January 31, 2006

megaphone guy

If you've seen Rob Bell's NOOMA video "Bullhorn", then you know the 'bullhorn guys' that my post is kind of alluding to.
So we have these guys on campus here at the ole' war school(LSU); they generally show up on Tuesdays and Thursdays preaching damnation, "debunking" evolution, and condemning all of us hypocrites.
Well... I wasn't to moved by this "sermon". Why? Well, I'm not going to Hell, I don't subscribe to evolution, and I generally don't consider myself a hypocrite. But it was interesting to watch and listen, not only to this guy, megaphone guy, but also to the LSU kids who responded to him.
So I don't know if people just get caught up in the moment and randomly say things when they're arguing in Free Speech Alley, but most things being said on both sides were unfounded and generally not-very-well-thought-out sounding.
We have the megaphone guy shouting again and again that evolution is not a fact and without proof, but the only piece of the formless evolution puzzle that he opts to shoot down for us is "Nebraska Man", which most folks probably already knew to be a fraud. Then one of LSU's finest responds that he's full of it, because there are fossil records which clearly show the evolution of monkey to man. This of course is also not true, with one of the weakest points of evolutionary theory being the holes in the fossil record which leaves out all of the assumed intermitten fossils.
Then as the megaphone man continues, comparing the lies of evolution to the truth upon which the scripture is based. To this, another of our flagship university's young scholars shouted out that answer which Pilate sought from our Lord Christ Jesus to millenia ago, he shouted out "Truth is what the majority believes!"
Now, I'm not sure if he was taking into account that the majority of folks used to believe that flight was impossible, tomatoes were poisonous, or that the elemental building blocks of all matter were scarecly more varied than wood, stone, fire, and water. Surely he was, and he just didn't mean what he said.
But all of this to say: these arguements and rebuttals were ill-concieved, weak, and basically dumb.
So it always is when megaphone guy decides to share his sick and heartless, loveless gospel. Not the gospel of hope and forgiveness that Christ so often presented, but rather the hell-fire and brimstone 'gospel' that nobody wants to listen to, that turns away others who apparently want to debate, and that doesn't work.
So, though I never thought I'd be saying this, instead of preaching the end of John 3:18, perhaps they should look back two verses to the worn-out but ever true "For God so loved the world..."