Monday, November 13, 2017

"scatter away our time"

Men are generally lost in the hurry of life, in the business or pleasures of it, and seem to think that their regeneration, their new nature, will spring and grow up within them, with as little care and thought of their own as their bodies were conceived and have attained their full strength and stature; whereas, there is nothing more certain than that the Holy Spirit will not purify our nature, unless we carefully attend to his motions, which are lost upon us while, in the Prophet's language, we "scatter away our time,"while we squander away our thoughts on unnecessary things and leave our spiritual improvement, the one thing needful, quite unthought of and neglected.
John Wesley, Sermon 138, "On Grieving the Holy Spirit" (quoted in Reuben P. Job, 40 Days with Wesley, p. 58)


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