Tuesday, February 05, 2013

two fantastic posts that I didn't write

There are some weeks that you just don't have time to write a blog post. This week is one of those.

But, rather than letting you off easy with no post at all, I wanted to offer you these two wonderful posts that I've read on other blogs recently. They're more worthy of your time than most of the things I write, so check them!

The first one is by an old classmate of mine from divinity school, who is now living and serving in Zambia, where he's constantly faced with the reality of poverty. The post is a beautifully honest wrestling match between what he's been told, what the Bible says, and what he experiences every day with his neighbors. In so many ways, life is not so different in the United States than in Zambia: Christians still have to grapple with the same questions. Really, read this piece. That Icky Feeling.

The second post is by Rev. Dan Thomas Edwards, the Episcopal Bishop of Nevada. The bishop putting his finger on the ways we work hard to drive people away from our churches. Not visitors, but the folks who've been around, who know us--whom we know how to offend. This is a worthwhile read for anyone concerned about the life of their congregation. Check out The Real Reason People Who Have Left A Church "Can't Go Home Again."


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