Sunday, May 02, 2010

two posts on evolution

Chaplain Mike, who has taken the reins of, has recently posted twice on the topics of creationism and evolution:
To Be or Not To Be, or Why I'm Not a Young Earth Creationist
Update on the Creation Wars

The former is a much older piece by the late iMonk himself. Michael articulated well some of my own experiences with these questions:
If I came away with any suspicions that the young earth creationists might be wrong, it came from my developing an appreciation for Biblical interpretation, not from the Biology lab. Secular science didn’t turn my head. I learned that the people waving the Bible around weren’t necessarily treating it with the respect it deserved... many of my evangelical and fundamentalist brethren were not willing to let the scriptures be what they were or to let them speak their own language.

The latter piece is a bit less sensitive, but well said all the same. This piece was prompted by the recent happenings--that I was until now wholly unaware of--at Reformed Theological Seminary, where respected evangelical Old Testament professor Bruce Waltke was forced to resign after suggesting in an online video that the Church needs to take a new approach to the appraisal of scientific data concerning evolution.

I think these are both worth reading (though they're both relatively long) for those of you interested in or perhaps struggling with the issue. The top post by iMonk, especially, may be helpful to readers for whom this is still a very difficult topic.

If anyone by now is still unsure as to where I stand on these questions and is interested, I would point you to this post from about a year ago on wardrobe: Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!

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