Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Erasmus on gambling

Growing up I was always told that the Bible forbade gambling. Now that I'm grown and I've read the Bible... I'm fairly certain that isn't actually true. The 'gambling verse' is just not in there.

Nevertheless, I don't support gambling, and I found a man who sees the issue in much the same way that I do. The following is a quotation from Erasmus of Rotterdam, a 16th century Christian writer. Erasmus actually remained Roman Catholic as the Protestant Reformation broke out, though he did sympathize greatly with many of the Reformers' concerns. He simply wasn't willing to sacrifice the unity of the Church. He's also pretty well know as a Christian humanist--he's sometimes called the "prince of the humanists", in fact--but keep in mind that this is a far cry from modern, secular humanism.

So, now that we're all close friends, here is Erasmus's rather strong stance on gambling:
Throwing dice cost you a thousand gold pieces in one night, and meanwhile some wretched girl, compelled by poverty, sold her modesty; and a soul is lost for which Christ gave his own. You say, what is that to me? I mind my own business, according to my lights. And yet you, holding such opinions, consider yourself a Christian, who are not even a man!

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byron. said...

Here's to you, Erasmus: to your love for the poor, your concern for the righteous, and your desire for a unified Body.