Tuesday, October 06, 2009

James Dunn in Lafayette, LA

James Dunn, author and theologian, is giving a talk at the Church of the Ascension in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana, on Thursday November 19th.

If you're in the Baton Rouge-Laffy area, you should seriously consider going to this. Dunn is, along with N. T. Wright and E. P. Sanders, one of the real pillars of the New Perspective on Paul movement in New Testament scholarship, and actually the fellow who coined the phrase 'new perspective.' He is easily one of the most important NT scholars in the English-speaking world today. I've not had time to read much of Dunn's work, but, in the little exposure that I've had, he has fundamentally changed the way I read Romans.

Again, I highly recommend this event to anyone and everyone who can make it (I wish I could). It's going to be in the evening--I'm not positive of the time--but more details should be forthcoming on Ascension Church's website.

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Kevin said...

Gem of a find, old chap. I'll be trying to keep an eye on this, but do pass it on if you find the date.