Sunday, February 15, 2009


I've always thought that the title "pro-life" is the single most brilliant example of political spin I've ever heard of. 

The internetmonk Michael Spencer recently wrote a post calling Christians to be pro-life... but his call it to more than bumper stickers and his 'pro-life' is about more than abortion. 
I really appreciated this piece. I've considered myself 'consistently pro-life' for some time now... which is the main reason I abstained from voting in November. I'm not going to support the death penalty or war any more than I'm going to support abortion. I still need to figure out how I am to engage our political system as a believer. It's a hard question for me, and it's something I think about often. 

But in regards to life, my ideology is pretty well-established. 
I think Tertullian said it well when he wrote: 
But, with us, murder is forbidden once for all. We are not permitted to destroy even the fetus in the womb, as long as blood is still being drawn to form a human being. To prevent the birth of a child is a quicker way to murder. It makes no difference whether one destroys a soul already born or interferes with its coming to birth. It is a human being and one who is to be a man, for the whole fruit is already present in the seed.

Social conservatives will rejoice when they read his words about the 'fetus in the womb'--and it is astonishing to see that sort of topic addressed in the 2nd century!--but I'm really drawn more to his opening remark than to any of the particulars: "But, with us, murder is forbidden once for all." 
Death, after all, is that last enemy, which our God will destroy.

Well I've already said more than I meant to: go read iMonk's post. It's worth the time.

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