Monday, June 16, 2008

interesting article from RELEVANT

Here's a neat article from RELEVANT magazine... or at least some of the article. RELEVANT gathered together eight "leading Christian voices to chime in on seven burning issues facing our generation." Those voices are Steve Brown, Shane Claiborne, Chuck Colson, Cindy Jacobs, Brian McLaren, Nancy Ortberg, Jim Wallis, and N. T. Wright. 
While the full article in the magazine poses this panel with seven topics, the website preview only offers one of the seven: homosexuality. 

It's nice to see some "heavy-weights" in contemporary Christianity presented point-blank with such issues. It's interesting how much of their responses (at least on the one issue online, of homosexuality) is spent dodging the issue. This is not unexpected, but I wonder if it is appropriate. It's also interesting to see what overtly political assertions some of these "heavy-weights" are willing to make here. 

Check out the article preview, and if you're hungry for more, see this month's issue of RELEVANT


JWD said...

That makes me miss my monthly shot of RELEVANT, of which I've been deprived for a year and a half now. I'm going to need to renew my subscription after that.

Rev. Daniel McLain Hixon said...

We've got a subscription to Relevant up at the Wesley Ministry, and I read this one you are talking about. There was an interesting article in the same issue: 6 denominations in 6 weeks. His comparisons between the litrugical (Anglican and Roman) Churches and the Evangelical Assembly of God (I think it was) Church really illustrated some of what I have been saying for a while. I've been wanting to blog it...