Saturday, April 19, 2008

Father Stephen gives an ontology lesson

Father Stephen at Glory to God for All Things recently questioned a billboard that boldly affirmed that "HELL IS REAL", by "simply" asking: is Hell real?

This blog post is the finest thing I've read all day... and considering I've been reading John Milton all day, that's pretty good. Of course I hear echoes of Charles Williams's Descent into Hell in this post, but justifiably, as Father Stephen is a fan of the novel. I'm also reminded of what N. T. Wright said about Hell in Surprised by Hope, but, again, there I can only say 'read that book!' 
And if you have time, read this blog post first. 

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Bill said...

So Russell and I were talking today, and we would like to hear your take on the discussion.
I'll do my best to present both sides as accurately as possible.
I proposed that man, while innately valuable as a part of creation, forfeits his value by veering from God's law. Since man falls under all of the law when breaking any part of it, and Proverbs and Psalms repeatedly uphold righteousness as valuable to God, then man is, in effect valueless. In fact, the only thing that makes man valuable at all is the fact that Christ died for us. Which begs the question, why would Christ die for us "while we were yet" worthless? I proposed that Christ died for us not necessarily because we were worth it, but in order to MAKE us worth it.
Russell disagrees and says that man, though fallen, maintains his value as a creation, and thus the remainder of my theory has nothing to stand upon.
What bees your opinion?