Monday, December 10, 2007

a real threat to our children

No, no I'm not talking about The Golden Compass. Not directly, at any rate.
Christianity Today recently gave their readers a sampling of the e-mails that they've received concerning the release of the film adaptation from Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.
Most of the letters were similar: this man is malicious, purposefully targeting our children. I don't suppose I expected much else. So what that boycotts are good for publicity(for the film, at least)?

But then, the diamond in the ruff jumped out at me:
Am I worried about this new book infiltrating the brains of my three little ones? Not really. What I am more concerned with is the more subtle, soul crushing attacks of materialism in our culture that leads my kids at the ages of 5 and 3 to already tell me almost daily what possessions they want to acquire. I am more concerned with the ease and comfort that we live in that may anesthetize them to a need for the gospel.

Thank you, Mr. Zach Nielsen.

I'm not really concerned about the effects of Compass on our kids either. Especially not the film--which is particularly what the Christians are getting hot about--considering it has notoriously been wiped cleaned of it's anti-Christian message, settling for an attack on 'the Authority'. Kids aren't going to read to much into that. Nicole Kidman sure didn't.

But what about our lifestyles? The fact that the societal norm of luxury in the U.S. especially does not at all model the lives that Christ or the early church led? That we are teaching our children, by example and by exposure to the media, that things are what is most important in life?
THESE are dangers for the kids. Thank you Mr. Nielsen, again, for bringing up the unhappy truth of our situation.

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