Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chris Tilling on Evangelicalism

I nice, recent observation from Chrisendom on the study of scripture in Evangelical circles:

The inability of many Evangelicals to think beyond the 'how does this apply to me now' to consider the larger biblical narratives, and their significance, and how these are rethought and reflected in the canon and in church history, is a crippling and tragic weakness in popular Evangelicalism.

Coming from an Evangelical, in case you were wondering. In the post he included a picture of Osteen's Your Best Life Now, but actually said nothing of the book or the man; I'm sure the point goes without saying.

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Daniel McLain Hixon said...

Hey Nance, nice post/link. I read most of the original and I think there may be a good point about pop Evangelicalism being bound to existential thinking. I think we Wesleyans have certainly contributed to that ourselves. The kind of thinkers (such as Wright - peace be upon him [lol]) who are urging us to step back and look at the whole sweep of the scriptural story as an authority or guiding point for our lives are no doubt a much-needed balancing force.