Friday, September 28, 2007

Ancient "Skeleton People" of the Nile Delta

I really love being able to use the "serious archaeological stuff" tag on posts, and if this article(which I discovered just now on BW3's blog, thank you Dr. Witherington) does not fall under that category, I don't know what does.
Ancient Race of Skeleton People Discovered!
Note: I do not endorse any of the ads on this site by linking here, only their journalism.

Also, sorry about the dearth of posting of late; I've been spending what little free time(i.e., time where there's not even homework to do... this is scarce) I have writing a paper outlining my objections to Calvinistic determinism for a friend. I'll be done with that very soon, but until I can get back on here, enjoy this article and the rest of the blog-o-sphere.

And any speculation concerning the "skeleton people"'s culture or history is certainly welcome.

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