Thursday, December 14, 2006

C. S. Lewis returns

I read this on the 8th in The Business of Heaven, although I believe the original source was Mere Christianity...

If you ask your conscience, you get one result: if you remember that you are dressing up as Christ, you get a different one. There are lots of things which your conscience might not call definitely wrong (especially things in your mind) but which you will see at once you cannot go on doing if you are seriously trying to be like Christ. For you are no longer thinking simply about right and wrong; you are trying to catch the good infection from a Person. It is more like painting a portrait than like obeying a set of rules. And the odd thing is that while in one way it is much harder than keeping rules, in another way it is far easier.

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Daniel McLain Hixon said...

hmmm...Jer. 17:9 comes to mind. Nice quote, I missed that day apparently, but I am really liking this business of Heaven book!