Monday, July 24, 2006

Relief-Aid Organizations

In case you haven't noticed, the LORD has impressed a lot of things on me of late concerning Christians reaching out to the world's impoverished and needy peoples. I heard a report from a IMB missionary last night concerning the earthquake in South Asia last October; in six seconds, tens of thousands of people, predominantly Moslem, were killed. The other figures(and of course the images) that he shared were just unbelievable. Well, I've been trying to respond, adding a lot of links and such to the website for reputable charitable organizations, and I finally decided to just give them their own section underneath the regular links. If anyone could give me some tips as to how to get the "Relief-Aid Organizations" section(heck, and everything below it) in proper alignment beneath "links", that'd be great!
So check out the links, and do consider how our God would have you get involved in the lives of those who are so desperately in need.


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