Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Episcopal Church in America continues to slip

Katharine Jefferts Schori was elected Sunday to lead the American Episcopalian Church, and conservatives are mad. Why? For one, the fact that she is a woman. Three of the dioceses in America still do not ordain female priests because they believe it to be contrary to scripture, much less a female bishop. But wait until those diocese hear her take on homosexuality.
Schori allows the blessing of same-sex unions in her small desert diocese. After the national church recognized gay unions as part of its "common life" in 2003, Schori's diocese said it would "support relationships of mutuality and fidelity … between those persons for whom the celebration and blessing of a marriage is not available."

Did someone mention the phrase 'contrary to scripture'? CT's report also points out Schori's support of the consecration of openly-gay bishop Robinson in New Hampshire back in 2003.
As if relations between the American Anglican Community and those in, say, Great Britain, needed further strain, well here here it is.
We need to pray for the Episcopal church, that they might have direction, or rather acknowledge that direction already given them by the LORD, unity, and for those standing fast to the scripture, integrity, that they may continue to oppose the subverting of this body by unsound teachings and sin.

For more on this election, see this article.


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