Sunday, June 04, 2006

CT Interviews The Omen Director

Anyone's whose been watching TV or been to see a film lately knows that this Tuesday--appropriately, June 6th, or 6-6-06--sees the release of the remake of the classic Gregory Peck meets the Anti-Christ horror flick, The Omen.
By all the commercials I've seen thus far, this film looks pretty good and really freaky. And of course it will have a heavy spiritual connotation, given the plot material.
Now, in a really awesome move, I think, Christianity Today has done an interview with the film's director, John Moore, for more(no pun intended) on this upcoming quasi-religious-horror-thriller monster that he's created. They talk a bit about the original, about Moore's own beliefs, and a few other interesting topics are brought up as well. Check it out.


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